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Bachelor theses


Lukas Holzmann: (DE) Evaluation of the sequestration potential of CO2 in rolling slag (2021)​

Vanija Arutunjan: (DE) Selective chlorination and extraction of nickel from a precipitation residue from the nickel industry

in progress:

Wolfgang Premm: (DE) Reaction behavior and chemical equilibrium of BOF slag with addition of carbon and aluminum dross.

Maximilian Tischler: (DE) Influence of the degree of oxidation on the cooling behavior of BOF slags

Master theses


Markus Fasching: (DE) Behavior of Ni and As in the course of a pyrometallurgical treatment of a jarosite precipitation residue for SO2 separation (2021)

Lukas Holzmann: (DE) Mechanisms of CO2 sequestration in industrial residues

Moritz Weitbacher: (EN) Ameloration of TBZC based intermediate product with regards to chlorine

Kerrin Witt: (EN) Influence of thermal pretreatment on the chloride extraction of valuable metals from precipitation residues

in progress:

Maximilian Haller: (EN) Application of machine lerning algorithms for kinetic modelling of reduction reactions

PhD Thesis


Lukas Höber: Chlorination and extraction of valuable metals from iron precipitation residues in the absence of carbon as a reducing agent​

in progress:

Gerald Haslinger: Behaviour of BOF Slag under different cooling conditions and additives

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